year year YSN

“After the brand succeeds, the story of the brand will deserve for sharing. After a man succeed, the story of the man will deserve for listening”

1997 -

Hi, thanks for coming here, let me share the story about “YSN” to you, are you ready? : )

It was the summer time in 1997, a group of young people from southern part of Taiwan receive their first order in life. To reach customers requirement and challenge, they spend a whole year adjusting this very important development. “Heaven helps those who help themselves”, the best improved “Racing Carburetor” eventually comes out, and ready to submit on time for the last testing before the competition.

As expected, this high-quality carburetor earn the most positive and satisfied smile from the clients (racing player). In the end, this racing carburetor help contestant won the champion of the well-known racing competition. For sharing and keeping the honor, they decide to create their own brand “YSN” by compose 3 capital words of “Yes”, “Satisfied” and “New”.

  • Yes

    Always accept challenge from customers
    and earn the satisfaction from consumers.

  • Satisfied

    Quality, Price and Service are always well
    recognized from consumers.

  • New

    Continually bring the innovative technology
    and newest market trend for customers.

2002 - YSN

YSN logo consist the 60° bevel angle on the upper left of “Y” which symbolizes the concept of Venturi to inject the speed and power of carburetor.

Steady dark blue bring out the special neon pink color represents the steadiness of the brand yet it never forget to show the innovative vitality.

The target of brand is to let consumers satisfied and have infinite power after using YSN products, in the end they will always say “YES, YSN” in the most positive smile.